BSP 41st Pangasinan-San Carlos City Council Jamboree

            Sta. Barbara I and Bolinao scouts topped Kid and Kab Palabas  respectively during the recently concluded Kawan Holiday and Palabas held at Don Federico Mandapat Dome, San Carlos City, Pangasinan, November 7, 2018.

The said scouts proved their worth as champion as they showcased their electrifying dance moves, jaw-dropping performance with brimming choreography and originality that made the crowd in a festive atmosphere and state of euphoria.

Scouts from Binmaley 2 and San Carlos City 3 (SCC3) finished 1st and 2nd runners-up respectively in Kid Palabas while on Kab Palabas, Binmaley 2 scouts  ended 1st runner-up followed by Infanta and Sta. Barbara 1 as 2nd runner-up.

The said event was one of the highlights of the Boy Scout of the Philippines 41st Pangasinan-San Carlos City Council Jamboree with the theme “Commitment to Excellence”.

Meanwhile, San Carlos City 3 (SCC3) scouts took 1st place in Kab Bottle Relay, followed by 2nd place Sta. Barbara 1 and 3rd place Binmaley 2 while on sack race, Sta. Barbara 1 rocketed 1st place, SCC3 2nd place, and Calasiao 3rd place. In addition, Kid scouts from Calasiao took 1st place in Kid Change Outfit game while Agno ended 2nd place.

On the otherhand, scouts’ parents from Agno rocked the Parental Category Palabas as they were declared champion while Mabini district and Aguilar occupied 1st and 2nd runners-up respectively while on scouts’ parents sack race, Sta. Barbara notched 1st place, followed by San Carlos City 2 (SCC2)  and San Carlos City 3 (SCC3) as 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

The said event seeks to promote Kid and Kab scouting for children’s total development and advance their skills through varied scouting activities, games, meet new friends and camaraderie among themselves.




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