As part of World Teachers’ Day Celebration, Schools Division Office of San Carlos City launched the SMART (Strategic Management of Assets and Resources of Teachers) Money Program at the Don Federico Munoz Mandapat Sports Dome, October 2.

Spearheaded by Dr. Sheila Marie A. Primicias, Schools Division Superintendent, the program was launched to educate the SCC division teaching and non-teaching personnel financially. Financial literacy would help them manage their assets and debts leading to higher standard of living.

Said program was part of a series of programs and trainings conceptualized by the SDO with the leadership of SDS Primicias for the welfare of teachers and non-teaching staff. The essence of SMP Cares is evidenced by such series of programs and trainings like the Fitfil Challenge, CPR Training, Spiritual and Moral Recovery Program and SMART Money Program.

In her message, SDS Primicias mentioned about the plan of having a Division Cooperative for, of and by the teachers, a cooperative that will cater to the needs of the teachers and the schools. Dr. Primicias envisions having a division grocery store, bookstore, boutique, salon and coffee shop wherein teachers and other personnel may avail of the services offered. “Your SDS cares for your welfare. Gusto kong mapaganda ang buhay ng bawat guro,” said Dr. Primicias.

To help SCC division teaching and non-teaching personnel manage their finances and help them grow financially, financial planners and motivational speakers were invited.

Engr. Jefferson Livara, businessman, author and licensed financial planner, talked on the topic “Building Income Streams through Financial Planning.” In his lecture, he identified reasons why there is always lack of money. These include emotional and cultural issues, living beyond means, having different concept of saving and one time big time mindset.

Engr. Livara emphasized on Building Income Streams such as having a job, business, properties and financial vehicles like bank deposits and other legal financial options. He reiterated the importance of financial planning which helps one make sensible decisions about money and achieve goals in life. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” he said.

Producers’ Bank Manager Jennelyn F. Inay discussed Financing Your Business. In her talk, she identified the factors that affect financial stability such as personal traits, physical and mental health and financial knowledge. According to Ms. Inay, one’s emotion may result to making bad decision. She advised, “Set clear financial goals to lead you to correct perspective. Start by learning the basics of creating a budget.” She also advised teacher-parents to teach their children to save money.

Mr. Chinkee Tan, author, TV/radio personality and money and life coach, spoke on Becoming Wealthy and Debt-Free. He emphasized the formula Mindset + Action = Result, thus, Positive Mindset + Positive Action = Positive Result.

According to Mr. Tan, our goal is not to pursue financial stability but to practice financial responsibility. If one really wants to be successful financially, it is important to have the correct mindset, that is, saving. “It’s not how much money you make. It’s how much money you save,” he said.

Mr. Tan enumerated ways to increase cash flow like changing one’s lifestyle, being always open for opportunities, saving as much as one can and having a long-term perspective.

After Mr. Tan’s lecture, the attendees were given the chance to have copies of his books namely Diary of a Pulubi, My Ipon Diary, My Badyet Diary and Keri Mo Yan.

The SMART Money Program is another remarkable accomplishment of SCC Division geared towards the welfare of its personnel.

SCC Division is fortunate and grateful for having a leader in the person of Dr. Sheila Marie A. Primicias who has a big heart not only for the teachers and students but for the entire SCC DepEd family.


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