As part of the Smart Money Program (SMP) of Dr. Sheila Maria A. Primicias, Schools Division Superintendent of San Carlos City, the 1st Night Flea Market was launched last November 16 at Don Federico Mandapat Sports Dome, which aims to instill financial literacy to SCC teachers by inspiring them to venture in business as an additional source of income.

The Night Flea Market was opened at 3:00 pm with the encouragement of Dr. Editha R. Pridas, Chief of Curriculum Implementation Division, to enjoy shopping at very affordable prices. The event featured the products of the different districts of San Carlos City Division such as pre-loved and brand new clothes, shoes, bags and accessories; basic necessities such as rice and fresh eggs; home-made food products like longganisa, rice cakes, cassava cakes, cupcakes and mushroom chips; beauty products such as make-ups, perfumes and soaps; and home essentials like food and beverage containers, detergent soaps, dishwashing liquids and fabric conditioners. To satisfy the hunger and quench the thirst of the shoppers, affordable snacks and drinks were also available in the said flea market.

The teachers and other SDO SCC employees enjoyed shopping while being entertained by the live band.
“This Night Flea Market helps us teachers as well as other employees generate extra income on top of our salaries. We also enjoyed shopping and food tripping while listening to the live band,” said Ms. Princess Delin O. Pasuquin (SPED Teacher I, Bacnar National High School).

“Napakabrilliant ng idea of having the very 1st Night Flea Market! Most of the teachers enjoyed the event and had a break from their busy schedules kaya very timely and relevant for we were also inspired to think of starting a small business seeing the different small business ideas in the event and sana nagstart ng 6 p.m.” commented Ms. Jezebel P. Posadas (Teacher II, Speaker Eugenio Perez National Agricultural School).

Photos by: Mdm. Joan Sherbie Acosta


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