Schools Division Office of San Carlos City is now ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certified after 90 days of journey.

SDO-SCC is certified to Quality Management System (QMS) which is in compliance to International Standard, ISO 9001:2015 by DQS Certification Philippines, Inc. with Mr. Luisito C. Soriano as the QMS Auditor, August 31, 2018.

The division’s journey to ISO certification met its 90-day challenge as it hurdled a series of trainings and audits, from stage 1 to 5, within the period.

The first stage, Awareness and Foundation Course served to provide an overview of the purpose and requirements of ISO 9001:2015 in improving the QMS of the division. Stage 2, Documentation Systems for ISO 9001:2015, served to provide Document Controllers knowledge about ISO Requirements in terms of documented information in order to prepare Procedure Manuals, Work Instruction Manuals, listing of quality documents and quality records.

To equip the top management officials and controllers with knowledge and strategies on assessing risk and opportunities in relation to QMS, Stage 3 – Risk Management for QMS and Practice Good Housekeeping, was conducted. The fourth stage, Internal Quality Audit, was done wherein Internal Quality Auditors were equipped with knowledge about auditing of QMS. Internal audit in all divisions and units was likewise done.

Final Audit for ISO Alignment, Stage 5, was conducted making sure that all processes and work instructions of SDO-SCC are aligned to ISO 9001:2015 Standard. Actual audits – Pre-Assessment, Adequacy and Certification, were done by the Lead Auditor, Mr. Luisito C. Soriano, making sure that SDO-SCC QMS is compliant to ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

Prior to the unveiling of SDO-SCC ISO Certified Marker, an Audit Report was presented by Mr. Soriano to the division personnel led by Dr. Sheila Marie A. Primicias, Schools Division Superintendent, followed by a short program. The Audit Report bore positive results and comments placing SDO-SCC QMS in compliance to International Standard.

The division’s top management officials delivered messages thanking everyone involved in the journey.

Mr. Nelson Peralta, Administrative Officer V, expressed his pride conveying his gratitude to everyone who in his/her little own way contributed to the division’s ISO journey. “Let’s work hand-in-hand in continuously improving our service,” he said.

Mr. Villamor Q. Gloria, Schools Governance and Operation Division Chief, reiterated that being ISO certified is one big step to the division’s mantra of serving happily the stakeholders of SCC. According to him, with the leadership of Dr. Primicias and Mr. Carino, SDO-SCC travelled extra mile of hardwork to ISO certification leading to the realization of DepEd’s vision and mission. He thanked the division personnel, school heads, teachers and others who were involved in the journey.

“Because we joined hands together, something significant in the history of SCC is happening,” said Dr. Editha R. Pridas, Curriculum Implementation Division Chief. “The essence of ISO is getting people involved to meet customers’ expectations and needs. For us to sustain ISO Certification, let us continue to seek for improvement. Thank you to everyone,” Dr. Pridas added.

“Good performance is a journey not a destination. It takes time to achieve a specific goal,” said Mr. Mario S. Carino, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent. The division’s journey to ISO certification reflects the good performance of its personnel under good leadership.

Dr. Primicias, in her message, shared her thoughts and feelings about every endeavor being undertaken under her leadership as SDS especially the journey to ISO certification. “It’s my love for my work. It’s my love for you. It’s my love for the children. I want you to feel my passion for my work,” she said.

With the positive result of the ISO journey, Dr. Primicias expressed her affirmation that SCC division family are enjoying their work. “I can affirm that you really love your job,” she said. She also mentioned about the division’s willingness to help and share with other divisions what SCC has. “Salamat sa ISO,” she added.

Likewise, Dr. Primicias thanked everyone, from the janitors up to the top management officials of SCC division for working hard for the ISO journey. “The 90-day challenge was passionately done by mighty men and women of SCC division,” she said. “Indeed, we are happy to serve. To God, be the glory,” she ended.

Mr. Soriano extended his appreciation to SCC division and exclaimed that SCC is the fastest DepEd organization in terms of ISO journey to certification. He announced that SDO-SCC met the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Standard with no non-conformities leading to the issuance of ISO Certificate.

The unveiling of the SDO-SCC ISO Certified Marker led by Dr. Primicias was done followed by an exhibition of the Drum and Lyre Corps of Bolosan-Caingal Elementary School.

A festive mood, indeed, filled the air as the event marked a milestone in the history of SCC division.

Kudos to  SCC division led by SDS Primicias and ASDS Carino!


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