In consonance to the aspiration of San Carlos City Division to love and protect the prime doers of tomorrow’s brighter nation –the youth, a training center at the heart of SDO-SCC is soon to rise through the collaboration of the SDO and the City Government. The center is expected to be up the soonest targeting not later than the conduct of the National Festival of Talents (NFOT), another big event which SDO-SCC will host.


The San Carlos City Youth Center has many facets to behold. It has guidance center for pregnant teens, thus, they can also avail free check-up; holding area for the conduct of seminars and youth meetings in relation to counselling; sports area where they can play table tennis and the like. It will also serve as the home of CARE, LOVE and AFFECTION to those youngsters who are subjected to juvenile dilemmas – teenage issues that require full attention as on how to help them become better individuals. The expected amount of the project is approximately 2.5 million pesos.


SDO SCC evidently shows a manifestation of change through this initiative. Moreover, the Youth Center will become an avenue of information dissemination since it will be installed with multimedia devices. Having this center be situated at the heart of SDO SCC is an expansion of looking into the welfare of our future nation builders –the youths!


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