To ensure the compliance of the San Carlos City Division to the ISO Certification Standards, an Appointment Day has been set every Monday of the week right after the Division’s convocation program.

The process starts with the submission of the remaining medical certificate requirements of the appointee. After which, the Personnel Officer checks for the completeness, accuracy, and authenticity of the newly-submitted requirements.

Once the requirements are found to be in order, the Personnel Officer forwards them together with the previously submitted documents, Appointment Papers, CSC Certification (WAPCO), Oath of Office, Position Description Form (PDF), and Certificate of Assumption to Duty to the School Head-Recipient/District Supervisor-Recipient for signing.  Once done, the same documents will be forwarded to the Administrative Officer V, who, in turn, signs and forwards the said documents to the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent for signing and forwarding to the Schools Division Superintendent.  Lastly, the Schools Division Superintendent signs, approves, and awards the appointment.

The Appointment Day which commenced last July 30 is expected to make the processing of appointments faster and more systematic because all the signatories involved in the processing of the appointment papers are obliged to be present on the said occasion.

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