Department of Education Region I Director Malcolm S. Garma visited the Schools Division Office of San Carlos City, August 3.

Dr. Garma’s visit drew inspiration among SDO personnel led by Schools Division Superintendent Sheila Marie A. Primicias as he shared his thoughts about ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certification, teaching and rendering service among others.

In a short program conducted, Dr. Garma started his inspirational message saying that it’s his first time to be in San Carlos City, a good place. “I heard a lot of good things about SCC, SDO in particular,” he said. A sort of introduction of himself, he said that he entered DepEd in 2006 and served as Schools Division Superintendent in three divisions in Region III namely Cabanatuan, Pampanga and Zambales.

According to Dr. Garma, being in Region I as a Regional Director is like a homecoming. He said that he feels at home in Region I for his father is an Ilocano from Laoag City.

In his message, Dr. Garma reiterated that being ISO certified is both a responsibility and an accountability. What matters is the purpose that lies in the certification, that is improved services for the clients. He said that pursuit for ISO Certification should serve the right motivation – having a sense of purpose. Furthermore, he said that ISO serves as the first step in doing things in DepEd differently meeting clients’ satisfaction.

RD Garma expressed his elation about SDO-SCC’s mantra “Happy to Serve“. Making the school a happy place for the learners will result to love for learning. “I think you have invested on something. Nourish that investment. Anchor on Happy to Serve,” he said.

As an advice, he told the SDO-SCC personnel, school heads and teachers to strengthen relationship with superiors, subordinates, teachers and students. He also expressed his hope to be part of SDO-SCC’s activities in the future.

Dr. Garma ended his message with a formula towards achieving DepEd’s goal which is Better Teachers + Better Instruction x Better School Heads = Better Schools.


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