Dr. Sheila Marie A.Primicias
Schools Division Superintendent

I would like to personally welcome everyone to this yearly gathering of budding student-journalists. The Schools Division of San Carlos jovially opens its doors to the delegates of the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) from all over Region 1. This is indeed an exciting time not only for the SDO of San Carlos but also for the entire region!

With this gathering of minds, we are marching towards UNPARALLELED EXCELLENCE. Thus, as your host, with great honor may I welcome you to our humble abode as we all experience the true essence of this momentous event. Thank you for coming and bringing your expertise to our gathering.

I would also take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to our partners in the Local Government Unit (LGU) for without them, this gathering would prove to be a very insurmountable challenge. The overflowing support from the LGU, without a doubt, added to the success of this RSPC.

In like manner, I would also like to express my appreciation to my colleagues in the Division Office as well as to the DepEd RO1 personnel. All of you are organizational leaders with the vision, wisdom, and experience that truly help shape the future. You are truly one of the best assets today and tomorrow. We could not accomplish great things for the RSPC without your support and leadership. My personal respect and thanks also goes out to the individuals and entities who have extended, one way or another, any help for the smooth administration of this marvelous event.



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