“Science is for all students.”

This is the first principle in educating the nation according to the National Science Education Standards list. This idea includes not only students differing in age, gender, and ethnicity but also students who have disabilities.

This month is a perfect time for learners with special needs to come and visit a fun-filled 10-day affair for a cause, the Children’s Summit 2018!

In San Carlos City Division, Special Education (SPED) teachers Michelle Cancino, Rhodora De Vera, Angelik Mozel Edurain, Zenaida Parayaoan and Helen Gutierrez together with their pupils in Central I SPED Center, grabbed the opportunity to visit and experience the wonders that only Children’s Summit can offer.

Learners with autism, intellectual disability, hearing and visual impairment get to experience different learning avenues wherein their interests and creativity are enhanced allowing them to communicate with others through innovative learning. The Science Centrum and Robotics I and II featured at the Children’s Summit provide amusing learning experiences making it easier for learners with special needs grasp knowledge.

Often, their disabilities can result to lack of self-confidence. They struggle from day-to-day tasks that their peers find easy to do and this may affect their enthusiasm. Eventually, it can result to a feeling of failure. However, being in the summit, they are able to experience everything other people are doing and such allows them to break walls and feel more positive.

Children’s Summit activities decrease anxiety and frustration and add a feeling of accomplishment to these learners when they have successfully done a task. It can help them be more independent when they are working free with the manipulative materials.

They also enjoyed magical show during the opening program at Don Federico Mandapat Dome, Central II Elementary School and visited the other learning stations such as the Historical Museum and E-Library.

The summit makes learners with special needs feel that they are more special, the way that every child should be.


** Photo courtesy of Michelle Cancino

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