It was indeed a festive mood for the SDO SCC family. Administrators and teachers, clad in retro outfits, crossed and crisscrossed the full length of the refurbished central II dome during the grand celebration of the World Teachers’ Day 2018.

The view was truly scenic and picturesque as the SDO SCC family displayed their very colorful and vivid outfits. For the unwary eyes, the scene they have witnessed could be utterly mistaken for a fashion show that highlighted the spirit of the 60’s or 70’s. At a certain point, those unwary eyes may be correct because the scene was indeed a remarkable spectacle of poise and grace.

For the first time ever, as part of the numerous “first” of the division, SDO SCC had a thematic celebration of the World Teachers’ Day. Inspired by the songs from the hit “Miss Granny”, everyone in the division acted and gave justice to the theme.

The highlight; however, came in the form of a flash mob. Teachers from the various districts and the personnel of the division office armed themselves with the very catchy choreography of the song, “Kiss Me, Kiss Me”. The scene was truly awe- inspiring because of the innate joy that was etched on everyone’s faces while they were dancing. Though the segment was considered as a contest, the way the participants danced was not indicative that it was a competition. This argument stands true because the participants of the event danced in a manner indicative of their innate passion to be involved and to contribute something to the success of the entire celebration.

The Schools Division of San Carlos, through the Miss Granny Dance Competition, has once again highlighted the spirit of genuine commitment to unity amidst diversity. Just like the Unity Walk and Unity Dance of the previous celebration, the entire division showed the people of San Carlos that the leaders and mentors of the academe are united under one banner. District I emerged as the winner of the said competition; but in reality, the victor is the entire division because everyone enjoyed and everyone cared to participate freely.

Years from now the event may become just a footnote in the rich history of the Schools Division of San Carlos. But when the future generations look back in time and look back in history, they shall know and forever remember that the beloved division is indeed formidable and united.




The basic connotation about the teaching profession implies the idea that it is a noble profession. Mentors and teachers work tirelessly to ensure that the future generations have a better future. And the people behind the success of other individuals, the teachers, carry out an honorable task that provides the impetus to which the younglings anchor their ideals and visions for the future. The only reward they get is the simple phrase, “Thank You” that innately soothes their weary body, mind, and hearts.

The World Teachers’ Day celebration is a strong reminder of the sacrifices that the teachers all over the world offer on a daily basis. One day is all it takes for the entire world to pay honor and tribute to the people who stand as the front runners in building the ideal community for everyone.

But at the end of the day, we all agree that within the ranks of “nation- builders” there are the “select few” who rise above the rest. They toil more than the others. They strive more than the rest. And they SERVE AS ROLE MODELS for others to follow because they are the embodiment of the true essence of teaching and leading.

It is without a doubt that the model employees need proper recognition, not because they want it for personal bragging rights, but because they genuinely deserve it. As such, the Schools Division of San Carlos paid homage to the outstanding and excellent employees of the division. Taking the lead, Dr. Sheia Marie A. Primicias, the Schools Division Superintendent, heralded the deserving employees with a simple token of recognition and appreciation. But make no mistake, the token is priceless for it is the quintessence of excellence. With the recognition that the model employees have earned, they are now one with the sky full of stars- stars that shine that lend the much needed light to guide the path of others towards excellence.



“Mic test, 1,2…”


Sound check…




With the cue from the percussion, the revelry inside the dome commenced. Showing forth grace and showmanship, the bands of the various districts and division office performed with much gusto that enthralled and regaled the audience in the Battle of the Bands segment of the World Teachers’ Day celebration. Employees of the Schools Division of San Carlos had once again displayed their God- given talents in music as they, with much tenacity, serenaded the audience with songs from the soundtrack, “Miss Granny”.

The battle of the bands proved to everyone how versatile the musicians of the division are as they masterfully covered the songs and added their own style into the mix. The bands may have sung the same songs; but because of the “twists” that the band members have injected into their performances, the stage was lit with remarkable and unforgettable routines.

And when the final strum of the guitar ended and when the final strike on the cymbal sounded, District- V emerged with the perfect chorus- the best among the best. The competition may have produced one winner but in reality, as the cliché goes, no one loses because everyone gave their best.





October 5, 2018- a red- letter day for the Schools Division of San Carlos. The momentous date marked the World Teachers’ Day celebration; and the SDO SCC made sure that the day was truly note- worthy and unforgettable. To a greater extent, this year’s celebration was truly above average and truly different from the way the annual event was celebrated. This becomes true because of the various events that were carefully planned for the benefit of the “noblest” of all – the teachers.

Actually, the WTD celebration of the division of San Carlos was not just a one- day celebration- it is in fact a whole- month event. The celebration started with the kick- off of the Superintendent’s Cup. This is a division- wide sports competition participated in by select representatives of the various school districts and the division office. For some, this event is just a leeway for the participants to join in the games, much like in the Intramurals. But make no mistake, the Superintendent’s Cup is very much linked with the fitness program of the division. With the said event, employees of the SDO of SCC are given the golden opportunity to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle through active participation in sports and athletics.

The WTD celebration in the division of San Carlos also witnessed a couple of “firsts”. For the first time in the history of the division, all members of SDO- SCC were blessed with the proper training on basic life support. It is with much pride that the SDO of San Carlos is CPR- ready.

In addition to this, everyone in the division also encountered a very meaningful experience of life in the Spiritual and Moral Recovery Program. This activity is a great testament that THE CORE OF THE DIVISION IS GOD. This is truly meaningful as it allowed the leaders, mentors, and teachers to be re-connected with the divine. This activity alone is sufficient enough to highlight the WTD celebration because it gave more essence and meaning into the celebration itself.

The learning never stopped as the “modern day heroes” were taught about proper financial literacy through the SMART Money Program segment of the WTD celebration. This is in line with the ongoing Financial Literacy Program of the Division. It is the hope of our superintendent, Dr. Sheila Marie A. Primicias, to have DepEd employees who are financially literate and financially stable.

But the main celebration of the WTD was capped off with various segments like the “Ms. Granny Dance Competition” (flash mob style), “Ms. Granny and the Band” (battle of the bands), “Miss Q & A” (A gender- sensitive pageant), “Miss World Teachers’ Day” (beauty pageant), and the Awarding of the Outstanding Employees of the division.

All of these events are clear evidences that the Schools Division of San Carlos places high premium on the noble contributions of the people in the academe. The events serve as brief respite from the tremendous world of work. And the brief respite serves as the impetus for the teachers to muster all of their strength and wit and continue serving the general public.

Photos by Jumann Audson Corpuz


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